About Us


Wondekland Tours is a locally owned Inbound Tour Operating company based in the Simbu Province. It packages and organizes tours basing only in the 7 provinces in the Highlands Region and nearby coastal areas namely Morobe and Madang provinces of Papua New Guinea.

Wondekland Tours Limited is a locally owned tour company initiated by PETER JOHN DEGENE of Simbu province now residing at Western Highlands Province. The company was founded while still a student at the University of Goroka undertaking Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management program with the help of his course Maima Nul and lecturers; Mr. Kannan and Mrs. Suming.


Peter John Degene Jr


The Wondekland Tours is new to the industry and is starting its second year into operation. As most other companies in the competitive world today there are challenges and difficulties when they emerge. Professionalism is what makes a company to be strong and survives in the business arena and so we belief in that. The initiators and founders are qualified persons in travel and tourism where they attained their education and training in that field in one of the prominent university in the country. To get this company into operation it was well researched and planed to give our clients the maximum benefits that worth their money which other operators in the country cannot do.
Therefore, the company employed some of the qualified and experienced professionals out there in the field to execute the operations. Starting from administration personals to the various guides and potters, we do our best to choose the best and they are the best. For you bush trekkers our guides and porters are locals and knew their bushes from inside out this include cavers, climbers and whitewater rafters.

Company aim

The company aim is to give you our clients the maximum benefits that worth the money you pay. The outmost services we provided will give you the experience you seek to attain in Papua New Guinea. We proudly want to promote tourism in this naturally and culturally diverse country and not for our gain.


We are particularly specialized in the sightseeing, rafting, bird watching. Hiking, adventure tours, cultural shows etc… Distinguished for its dynamic growth, prosperity and stability, . In connection with achievements in sales of tourism products and with new acquisitions during last year’s company, Wondekland Tours Limited gains more-and-more confidence in establishing a good relationship with international visitors. It’s activities extend across the territories of the Highlands regions and parts of the coastal areas of Papua New Guinea.

About Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is located at the far end of the Pacific Ocean along chain of islands stretching from mainland Southeast Asia with roughly more than 600 offshore islands. It is the second largest island in the world after Greenland…….read more