There are many limestone-caving systems in Simbu and Southern Highlands that are mostly undiscovered by both locals and tourists. These two provinces have some of the best caves in the country. They are dangerous and risky to explore too. However, only the are mentioned in here.
In order to explore you need good lightings and equipments and you have to be physically fit. Wondekland Tours can take you anywhere to any one of these caves to explore. We provide some unique caves in the country with professional caving guides that will take you for an awesome cave exploration experience.
Keu Caves (Chuave)
The Keu caves are located at the foot of Mt Elibariin in the Chuave area, a limestone mountain to the east of Simbu province. There are many Limestone Caves with Underground water & cultural remains. It is one of the most fascinating areas that is worth exploring. The views are beautiful as you drive pass limestone mountains, villages and hillside gardens. You will be greeted and welcomed by friendly people where you will feel safe and at home when touring the area.
Kiwa cave (Chuave)
The Kiwa cave is located about 5km out of Chuave District center. This Limestone Cave has an underground river with the outlet 100m away from the entrance including display of skeletons and ancient artifacts . The walls of the cave are naturally painted in various colors with the stalagmites and stalaglites growing like trees into twig and branches. There is a chamber in this that houses thousands of bats. If you follow the underground river, it will take you a day to reach its inlet. Some of the tunnels in the cave are not fully discovered yet because it is too dark, wet and risky. The best time to explore is during the dry season.
Gurma caves (Yongomugl)
Gurma caves are a vast caving systems located in the Youngomugl area just about 15km out of Kundiawa town. There are about more than five limestone caves that have unique features that are amazing to discover. Most of the caves are along the Mai River where some were used as burial grounds while others ordinary caves that have underground water systems. Only one of them is on the hillside which houses some thousands of bats that the locals used to trap and hunt for meat. While inside this bat cave, you will hardly withstand their squeals when being disturbed. Many of these Caves are so deep and fragmented that explorers find them hard to discover all at once. Sometimes you can get lost or find it difficult to bear.
Sigewagle Caves (Kundiawa)

There are many explored and unexplored limestone caves and tunnels in the Sigewagle area in the Kundiawa District. One of them is just beside the Kundiawa-Gembogl road, close to the Singga River. This cave has an entrance and exit; it is about 5km long where it will take explorers a full day to cross. Most of the caves have only one entrance and exit where you go in and come back at the same door. There are also many underground creeks to be discovered and the two known ones are Sitn Nigle and Urr Supply from which the Kundiawa town residents drew their drinking water. One of them is the famous Ombondo Burial Cave, which is a historical site for the Kamaneku Tribe. Some caves are yet to be discovered by both locals and tourists because of them being vertically deep down. All those caves are distance apart and are different from each other. It is an ideal place for cave explorers to camp and take their time to see many different things.
Wela Murr (Gor Yopar)
The Bat Cave (Wela Murr) as it is called in the Naur language, which is the longest tunnel cave in Simbu featuring underground creek and rock paintings. The entrance is said to be beside the National Highway (Waigar) and its exit is 10km away just beside the Wagi River.A small underground creek follows the tunnel cave to its exit. As the name calls, you will find thousands of bats and flying fox in this cave. It contains some oldest rock paintings that resemble the Naur cultures. It is a sacred place during the Stone Age era and a place where the tribe take refuge during tribal fight with neighbouring tribes. Wasi Falls Wildlife Management The Area has the most prestigious virgin rainforest here that are rich in birds and wildlife. There are several waterfalls including Wasi Falls (100m) the largest and longest with and many caves to explore. The limestone caves here are astonishing in the forest as they houses cave birds, bats and flying foxes, snakes and other animals and insects