Wabag is the provincial capital of Enga Province. It is one of the highest provinces in the country with steep mountains, high valleys and fast flowing rivers. Unlike other provinces,they have only one language and almost similar culture throughout the province. It is the home of the largest open-cut gold mine (Pogera Mine). The Enga Festival/ Wabag Cultural Show is usually held annually during the month of August which gathers all the ethnic tribes together to proudly show case their vibrant culture.Tribal fight is still common in most parts of the province and is one of the least developed. There are many things to see and do while in the province at any time that will make your stay a memorable one.

Map showing Enga province with respect to the other highlands provinces of PNG

Things to see

Wabag Cultural Centre:
The Wabag Cultural Center is the largest in the province with Art Gallery and a mini Workshop from which unique artifacts and paintings that resembles their culture are displayed. Most of the cultural items displayed in the museum can be found nowhere in the country but only at Enga province. However, some cultural items from other parts of PNG are also on display.The center is open to visitors only on weekdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm every day.
Enga Festival:
The Enga Cultural Show/ Festival is an annual event that is usually held in August. It is a cultural event for the province but is not bigger than Goroka show and Mt Hagen Show. This is the only time in the year for tribal gathering that they proudly show off their way of life to visitors from most parts of the country and abroad.

Porgera Mine is the PNG’s biggest open-cut mine which produces both gold and silver. It is a small mine township of its own with ranges of accommodation.The mining plant and the surrounding environment are the perfect place to have a day out and observe.

Laiagam is another major center in Wabag. The most interesting things to see are the research station and botanic gardens with a huge orchid collection are the attraction there. It is situated in a beautiful environment with setting that will capture your attention.

Things to do
For hikers to have a day or two out on adventure, Lake Rau isa beautiful crater lake at nearly 3000mabove sea level that isreached from Pumas village above Laiagam.It is the best spot with good panoramic views that are breath taking for enthusiastic photographers.
Kumul Lodge:
The Kumul Lodge is a bird watching spot situated at the out sketch under the foot of Mountain Hagen. This area is an ideal place for birders to view the different species of birds, especially the Bird of Paradise in the wild.


Map of Enga