Hela Province is a new province in the country and the home of the popular “Wigmen”. It was a district under the Southern Highlands until recently they separated and become a province of their own. This part of the Highlands Region is rich in minerals such as the crude oil and natural gas. The region’s most remote area, traditional cultures thrive here, particularly in the Tari Basin, where Huli and Duna Wigmen are famous for their elaborately decorated wigs and body art. Tari is the Provincial Capital. There are many things to see and do in this beautiful province. Their cultures are mostly untouched by outside influence. The area is naturally attractive with plentiful natural wonders.
Things to see

The Wondekland Tours have packaged some tours for interested clients for a memorable experience with the nature. Some of the unique attractions we offer are listed here.

Tari is a small town with basic facilities and most area still underdeveloped. Friday is when most Huli people come to market. The people are interesting and there are places to stay. Starting from lodges to village stays depending on your interest.

Lake Kutubu is the largest lake in the Highlands with stylish geographic features and abundance of flora and fauna. Butterflies and birds of paradise are plentiful around this beautiful, peaceful place and the friendly people live traditional lives. You can swim, visit villages or just enjoy the scenery. The closest airstrip at Moro is serviced by Airlines PNG from Port Moresby and Mount

Wasi Falls Wildlife Management Area

The Prestigious virgin rainforest here is rich in birds and wildlife. There are several waterfalls including Wasi Falls(100m) the largest and longest with and many caves to explore.
Things to do

Walking/ trekking

Interested people can go walking from nearby Lake Kutubu and fly out from Pimaga. Alternatively, you can walk the 20km from Pimaga to Gesege Village and go by canoe to the lodge at Tage Point. Walking through these areas can take you through the pristine jungle treks. It will be a walk of a lifetime with the nature.


There is bird watchingat Lake Kutubu and Wasi Fallssurrounded by dense tropical rainforest, and Lakwandu Lodge, near Tari havegood bird-watching.For interested birders you can contact Wondekland Tours for your arrangements

Hela Provincial Flag

Map of Hela