Hiking & Trekking the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is the frontier to virgin natural environment. Its geography, vegetation, flora and fauna are diverse, unique and many more new things to discover. It is ‘The Land of Unexpected’ and ‘The Land of Million Different Journeys’ as many people would say. This is definitely true. You try it and it will work out for you, just only a single trip would do. Trekking is the only activity that will enable you to indulge everything all at once. We provide Trekking guides to Mt Wilhelm, Mt. Giluwer, Mt. Hagen, Mt. Michael, and Mt. Digine

treking the highlands of PNG

treking the highlands of PNG

What to expect.

Trekking in the highlands can take you through the rugged mountainous terrain, fast flowing rivers, deep mountain valleys, virgin rainforests, local villages and gardens with many more unexpected new things to be discovered. Wondekland Tours offers some of the best trekking spots in the region with best guides who know of the surroundings perfectly well. Come with us and we give you all that you want to know and the experience you seek for a journey of a lifetime.

MT. Wilhelm

Walks range from various lengths such as a day walk to villages or hiking up hilltop including up to three days trekking through Mt Wilhelm. 

Trekking the Highlands of PNG

Trekking the Highlands of PNG

Mount Wilhelm is the highest peak in the country as well as the highest peak in Pacific and Oceania with 4509 m above sea level. It is located 47 kilometers north of Simbu, the highest Province (elevation) in the country. It is one of the natural wonders of PNG with many unique unimaginable features. Regardless of the difficult terrain, it is one of the places to see. The area is very mountainous with steep slopes and fast flowing creeks intercepted by various vegetations. In each caldera like gaps are filled by blue icy lakes at least ten, engulfed by gigantic granite rocks and boulders. The largest of them are Lake Piunde and Lake Aundo the highest lakes in the country. The outlet of each lake is the start of some major rivers in the country. There are many unique geographic features, sightseeing spots, flora and fauna to be discovered along the treks. Towards the top of the mountain are mainly constitute of alpine grassland scattered shrubs with only granite rocks at the very top. Looking out the horizon during fine weather from the top you can see all the major mountain ranges of the Highlands.




MT. Giluwe

We also provide trekking tours to Mt. Giluwe the second highest mountain in PNG. Walkers can also tackle Mount Giluwe (4368m),an old shield volcano and the country’s second highest mountain. It is the natural boarder between Western Highland, Southland highlands and Enga Province respectively. Many bush treks lead to the summit. The trekking can be adventurous through many different mountainous vegetations, geography and sightseeing spots. The forest itself holds countless species of flora and fauna that will capture your attention. These high altitude treks are risky and very cold even when the sun is overhead. For interested trekkers warm clothes are required for the climb. This part of the forest has many species of birds. Interested people can also go walking from nearby Lake Kutubu and fly out from Pimaga. Alternatively, you can walk the 20km from Pimaga To Gesege Village and go by canoe to the lodge at Tage Point. Walking through these areas can take you through the pristine jungle treks. It will be a walk of a lifetime with the nature. For hikers to have a day or two out on adventure, Lake Rau is a beautiful crater lake at nearly 3000m above sea level that is reached from Pumas village above Laiagam. It is the best spot with breath taking panoramic views that are ideal for enthusiastic photographers.

MT. Digine

One of the newly developed treks is Mt Digine in the Simbu province. The Digine range worth experience. Offers 2-3 nights trekking along the range from Oledale, Simbu to Kudjip or Minz, Jiwaka depending on your choice. Sightseeing spots, untouched diverse biodiversity, village hut inns & tour guides provided.

Trekking the valleys of waghi and asaro

You can take a day walk or a half day drive around the Coffee and Tea Plantations including visit to processing plants/ factories or do hiking on the small hilltops to view the beautiful sceneries of the Wahgi and Asaro Valley with its plantations, local gardens and villages.

Important notice

If you are thinking of doing trekking here at the unbearable and exotic highlands then take hid of the following points.

  • Trekkers are required to be physically and mentally fit to tackle these rugged steep mountains.
  • Bring your own medicine (medical kit) for mild illness that you think your body might encounter, such as minor injuries (bruises, joints ach),altitude depression, headache, etc.
  • Warm Clothes-all thick & warm: Jacket & jumpers, trousers, shirts, hat and socks. Also, need gloves and sweaters. Good shoe (booth).
  • Extra batteries for all electrical goods/ items Need good torch and camera with extra batteries.