Jiwaka is a new province, a breakaway of Western Highlands. It took its self-governance in 2012 with its provincial capital yet to be decided. NowBanz considered as its capital to run the provincial affairs. This new province lies on the WaghiValley and is the leading producer of coffee and tea. The people are the friendliest and you can walk there by day and night without any trouble and intimidation. To the north is the Jimi Valley and south the rugged mountainous Kambia; these areas have dense virgin tropical rain forest that are mostly untouched with very few developments and most of the people are still holding on to their traditional cultures.

Things to see
Banz Town:
Small Township with basic facilities surrounded by coffee plantations. Many people come to town to do business or marketing especially on the weekends. The local villages and gardens nearby are intercepted by coffee plantations and processing plants.

Coffee and tea plantations:
You can take a day out by foot or on vehicle to tour neither theplantations nor a visit to the coffeeor teaprocessing factories. They supply the country with coffee and tea products even export them overseas.

Nondokul Cultural Center:
Thereis a small botanical garden and museum containing traditional artifactswith local performing singing and dancing. The view along roadside gardens, villages and the surrounding environment is perfect.

Jimi ValleyNational Park:
The area was established in 1986 for the preservation of original forest area.
It is exciting to see the varieties flora and fauna there in the natural habitat with different species of birds to see. There is a recreational area for picnic and BBQ.

Christian Leaders Training Center(CLTC):
Livestock farm such as cattle, Piggery, Poultry (layers &
broilers)and other livestock’s with basic training facilities including some small patches fruits and vegetables gardens. The setting is very beautiful to walk and have a brief tour to see their farm products.

Thing to do
Walking/ Hiking:
You can take a day walkor a half day drivearound the Coffee and Tea Plantations including visit to processing plants/ factories or do hiking on the small hilltops to view the beautiful sceneries of the WaghiValley with its plantations, local gardensand villages.

JVT Guest House
The Guest Haus is located in Banzthe heart of the Waghi Valley. Banz is famous for its coffee.

The guest houseis surrounded by extensive coffee plantations. Just 40minutes drive from the Mt
Hagen Airport.

Kimil Travellers Inn
The establishment is at Kimil Villagewhich is off the Highlandsnear Banz Town. It is an exotic destination located 30minutes drive from KagamugaAirport,Mt Hagen.The environment is quiet with spectacular gardenof local flora and lily ponds.

Kumurang Guest House
It is located atMinj just near the Okuk Highway and beside WaghiRiver the highlands longest river. This modern guest haus/lodge is situated 50 minutes drive from Mt Hagen Airport. It is a family owned guesthouse, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Molka Lodge
Okuk Highway Minj Town, Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
It is located at Minj with a mixture of modern and traditional materials. It has 10 rooms with a commonablution block for male and female. The establishment has aconference room of kunai hut, a traditional Mumuarea surrounded by shrubs and fishpond.
Jiwaka Provinicial Flag

Map of Jiwaka