Papua New Guinea have many great histories of the past still preserved and in existence. Our ancestors do not have written histories but oral histories and historical sites that draw images of the Stone Ageera. Wondekland Tours have packages for anthropologists, historians, authors and anyone interested in the oldest remains of the past. There are many historical sites available for visitation at numerous locations in the region. The most famous ones that have records in the history of the country are highlighted here.

Kuk Archeological Site, Mt Hagen

The Kuk Valley containing one of the oldest agricultural remains dated up to 900 years ago, the oldest drainage remains dug out of wooden spade.

Nambiufa rock paintings, Nambiufa-Chuave

The rock shelter used by people in the past containing the oldest rock paintings in PNG. There is also an Amphitheatre containing cultural items of significance in the Chuave area.

Gaima Stone Axe Mine, Gumine

The only traditional stone axe mine in Simbu province and nearby provinces like Eastern Highlands, Jiwaka and Western Highlands.There is a small track with good panoramic view of the Dom area to the traditional stone axe mine site, Kialpa.It was an item of value during the Stone Age Era, an important tool and a substance of trade and barter system.

Pilme Salt Creek, Gumine

It is located along side the Wagi River. It was the only source of salt and an important substance of trade during the traditional Stone Age era. This salty creek has a very long history.

Ombondo Burial cave, Kundiawa

The cave has been used as a traditional burial ground by the Simbaiku Clan of the Kamaneku Tribe.There are three sections/ layers, top, middle and bottom with remains of skeletons in each.

Lufa cave, Goroka

The cave was once used as a shelter during the prehistoric times where our ancestors were nomadic hunters and gatherers. There are some interesting paintings on the wall of the cave.

Kapiawana Rock Shelter, Goroka.

It is one of the oldest rock shelters in the country. There are rock paintings and some oldest remains of artifacts that the people used in the past.Note;There are also some smaller sites in the region that are available for visitation. However, due to the distance away from road or with no road links our packages exclude them.

Cultural Centres and Village Tours

Papua New Guinea in one of the world’s most culturally diverse countries in the world. Most of the people are still bonded by their traditional cultures and way of life especially in rural areas. Regardless of the Western influence in towns and cities their thoughts and actions are still guided by the local traditional customs. The only change in cultures that can be seen are through the possession of western materials like clothes, household goods, automobiles, electronics and other material goods. Hence, language change is another trait such as Tok pidgin and English that was introduced by early explorers as a mode of communication for this linguistically diverse nation. However, in the Highlands Region today,many local people take the initiative to preserve their traditional cultures and artifacts for the younger generation in cultural centers. As many children go to school,they abandon their traditions and cope up with western lifestyle. There are many cultural centers throughout the highlands provinces erected in order to conserve local arts and crafts, artifacts, music, dances, legends, etc. Visitors are always welcome to see their displays and performances. There are also beautifully crafted arts and crafts, pottery, basketry, artifacts and other items sold to visitors who want to take them as a souvenir and gifts. The centers are usually surrounded by exoticgardens of colorful local flora.
Village tours
There are village tours available for interested visitors who want to indulge some local cultures and lifestyle of the region. The beautiful village settings in the communal areas surrendered by local food crops gardens and domesticated livestock sheds. How they live will give you a perfect picture of their past. Visitors’ area also encouraged to ask local villagers to get information on the village lifestyle.For interested person Wondekland Tours can arrange your village tours. You can contact us for your arrangements or otherwise our packages also include visit to cultural centers and villages