Southern Highlands


Mendi town is the capital of Southern Highlands Province. It is the home of the country’s second highest mountain (Mt Giluwe, 4368m) and is also the second highest province. The town itself is situated in a small valley and is surrounded by towering mountains. There is an airport right in the center of the town. Most of the people live in remote places, hence, lacked major government facilities and they are tied to their traditional way of life even today. There are many things to discover and activities to do in the beautiful southern highlands province.

Things to see

Wondekland Tours is proud to introduce you this province and will take you around some of the places that will make your stay and tour a memorable one. Some of the place to see while in the area are named and described below

Mendi Town

Built around the airport in a lush high valley between tall peaks, this small town has essential services. Huli, Duna and other tribes’ people from this area are famous for their red and yellow face decorations and decorated wigs.There is also shop in town that sells weapons, baskets and hand-loomed products.

Mendi Market

Mendi Market is located by the main highway to Tari just north of town across the bridge.The market is beside the Mangani creek where the locals sell their products. On Fridays and Saturdays the market is usually crowded because many locals come to town and do their marketing and to do business.

Ialibu Cultural Center

The cultural centre and museum in Ialibu displays local artifacts with accommodation built by the local people. Bilum (pronounced beeloom) or Basket-making is a village industry here.

Things to do


Walkers can also tackle Mount Giluwe (4368m), an old shield volcano and the country’s second highest mountain. It is the natural boarder between Western Highland and Southand highlands provinces. Many bush treks Lead to the summit. The trekking can be adventurous through many different mountainous vegetation, geography and sightseeing spots.The forest itself holds countless species of flora and fauna that will capture your attention. These high altitude treks are risky and very cold even when the sun is overhead. For interested trekkers warm clothes are required for the climb. This part of the forest has many species of birds. Towards the top of the mountain mainly constitute of alpine grassland scattered shrubs with
only granite rocks at the very top. Looking out the horizon during fine weather from the top you can see all the major mountain ranges of the Highlands.

Sightseeing Tours

Wigmen’s Lodge organise a range of guided tours. Walk along rainforest tracks to go bird-watching, take a trip down to the river to see the waterfalls or go by 4WD to visit a village and watch traditional singsing and other cultural activities
Southern Highlands Provincial Flag

Map of Southern Highlands Province