Western Highlands


Mt Hagen is the provincial capital of Western Highlands Province and commercial center of nearly all the Highlands Region. It is situated west of Jiwaka the newly breakaway province of Western Highlands towards the western edge of the WaghiValley. The soil around here is very fertile with good harvestsfrom both cash crops and food crops.The Mt Hagen Market is usually supplied with varieties of food crops. Surrounding the valley are mist-coveredmountain ranges with alpine grassland to lowland tropical rainforests. The friendly people put-up many cultural centers in nearly all the districts to show cast their way of life. During the month of August every
year, the famous Mt Hagen Show is held in town where every tribe gather to perform their cultural displays of dancing and singing.
Map showing Western Highlands province with respect to the other highlands provinces of PNG.
Western Highlands Dancers at a show
Things to see

Mount Hagen:

The town is set in the western part of the WaghiValley with nearly all the major business houses inthe country having offices here. Surrounding villages make good gardens to supply the town market with varieties of their best produce to the town residents and commuters on the road; they also serve the other coastal provinces. The tea and coffee plantations here
produce high yield every year similar to the Eastern Highlands province. The men wear their brilliant bilum hats while women wear scuffs and carry the coloured bilum bags.It is one of the busiest town in the Highlands Region.

Mt Hagen Market:
One of the best and cheapest market in the Highlands. The people fromall
over the province come in with their fresh garden produceto either in bulks and or loose at the market. The array of varieties of coloured fruits, vegetables and nuts used to decorate the market. Including local handcrafts at the center such as bilums, necklaces, armbands, earrings, ladies blouse, etc.

Mount Hagen Show:
The only time in a year where you will see all the tribes of the Western
Highlands gather to proudly display theirunique cultures. It is normally held in the third weekend of August, this amazing show is the place to see the fantastic traditional costumes and headdresses decorated with bird of paradise plumes and the cuscus fur that Waghi people wear with singing and dancing.Beautiful local handcrafts, artefacts and paintings that resemble their cultures are also sold at the show ground.

The Kuk Valley containing one of the oldest agricultural remainsdated up
to 900 years ago, theoldest drainage remains dug out of wooden spade.

BaiyerRiver Wildlife Sanctuary (Zoo):
It was establishedin 1968 for the protection in captivity of endangered species of wildlife fauna, to encourage breeding while in captivity used for education and research purposes. Facilities include an outdoor recreation area, welcome house, picnic shelters and tables, BBQ, a guest lodge , toilet facilities, library and laboratory.

Things to do

Walks of various lengths are available such as a day walk to villages or hiking up hilltop including up to three days trekking through Mountain Hagen and Giluwe to various destinations either in Southern Highlands or Enga.


There are many prestigious accommodations to make your stay meaningful and a memorable one in the province. The establishments are perfectly situated with beautiful environments that enclosed by exotic gardens and comfortable views.The renowned accommodations below can be browsed to get service information.

Highlander Hotel
Hotel Kimininga
Kumul Lodge
Magic Mountain Lodge
Bank South Pacific
Westpac Bank

The shops in town are mostly owned by Asians with only a few owned by locals selling mostly basic goods. The best of the shops are Best Buy and SVS. There are also specialist shops that sell electronics, hardware products, clothing’s and stationeries.

The best restaurants in town that sell local delicacies are suchBanz Coffee, Hotel Kimininga and Highlanders. Their menus are mostly ala’carte including pastry and pizza, beverages of wines, local beer and soft drinks
Western Highlands Provincial Flag


Map of Western Highlands